The Banknote Checking Scheme for retailers and businesses

The Banknote Checking Scheme is aimed at cash-handling businesses and promotes banknote checking of Bank of England banknotes at point of sale through targeted training. Its aim is to reduce the number of counterfeit notes being accepted and to reduce losses to businesses.

Counterfeit banknotes are only produced because criminals believe they will find somewhere to spend them and can do so without consequence. The Bank of England wants to support retailers and businesses by providing the tools and information you need to increase the resilience of your front line in the fight against counterfeiters.

Don’t let counterfeit banknotes be a cost to your business, your customers or your reputation. Any business can sign up as a supporter of the Banknote Checking Scheme. Supporters will have access to advice and a range of education and training materials to help shape banknote checking within their business. This includes leaflets, posters, online computer-based training, targeted advice and regular webinars as well as updates on relevant banknote topics such as the issue of new-style banknotes and withdrawal of old-style banknotes.


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