National Personal Safety Day 2019

Launch of Suzy’s Charter for Workplace Safety

What is Suzy’s Charter?

“Suzy’s Charter” provides a personal safety framework that can help organisations become fully compliant with excellent personal safety policy and protocols. Personal safety of employees in the workplace can only be effectively and sustainably achieved when employers and staff work together and fulfil their responsibilities. For 33 years, Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s mission has been to ensure people are safer and feel safer. We strive to ensure what happened to Suzy Lamplugh, who disappeared without trace in the course of her work, does not happen to anyone else. We have trained over 100,000 people across the public, private and voluntary sectors on personal safety over the last three decades.

An estimated 374,000 adults of working age in employment experience violence at work annually, including threats and physical assault. The human costs of personal safety incidents for employers are far-reaching and can amount to as much as £6,500 for non-fatal injuries and £12,300 for ill-health per case, due to loss of productivity, insurance claims, administrative and legal costs and health and rehabilitation costs. In the case of fatalities, costs can soar to almost £100,000.

Why Become Suzy’s Charter Compliant

The objective of Suzy’s Charter for Workplace Safety is to mitigate the prevalence and increase in aggression and violence against workers. We have brought together employers, employees and unions, to achieve a solution oriented approach to tacking aggression and violence in the workplace. We want to work across all sectors to combat aggression and violence, leading to a more productive and confident workforce. This will help to minimise the risk of physical, psychological and emotional harm to staff; as well as corporate litigation, negative publicity, loss of talent, loss of reputation and increased insurance costs to employers.

See our leaflet here to find out how to sign up to the Charter

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