National Business Crime Centre

The National Business Crime Centre was created as a result of a Home Office Police Transformation Funding. We are overseen by Commissioner Ian Dyson, City of London Police, who is the NPCC lead for Business Crime.  We work closely with other NPCC portfolio holders including Assistant Commissioner Alistair Sutherland who holds the Private Security portfolio. The centre is hosted within the Metropolitan Police Service.

Our Objectives

  • To improve partnership with the business community and raise National police standards, to accurately understand and reduce the impact of crime.
  • Enable businesses to target resources more efficiently, through effective intelligence and information exchange, disrupting organised business criminality at a National level.
  • Prioritising prevention, enabling businesses to protect themselves from cyber, fraud and terrorism by being a conduit of best practice and a centre of excellence supporting all businesses throughout the UK.

The NBCC does not offer a proactive or investigative capability at this stopice, but again are willing to support other units from both police and business communities and act as a conduit for sharing advice/trends nationally.


Proud member of The BID Foundation