Hampstead Village BID Launches Coffee Cup Recycling Scheme

In partnership with Camden Climate Change Alliance, Veolia, Hubbub the Hampstead Village BID has launched this scheme to provide businesses an opportunity to tackle coffee cup waste.

Launching #InTheLoop in the Hampstead Village Business Improvement District!

Are you an office based business or cafe in the Hampstead Village area?

Hampstead Coffee Cup Scheme

Participants will receive free support and cup collections during the project duration.

The launch on 23 January 2020 was kindly hosted by Ginger and White. Thank you to Manis on Perrins Court and New York Café on Heath Street who have already joined the cause!

Why recycle cups?

  • We use almost 3 billion cups per year in the UK, enough to stretch around the world 5.5 times!
  • Every day, we bin 8 million paper cups in the UK, that’s more than 5,500 per minute.
  • Less than 4% of paper cups in the UK are currently recycled – be part of the solution!
  • Paper cups currently can’t be recycled in most mixed recycling bins as they’re made of mixed materials – paper with a plastic lining to make the cup waterproof.
  • The good news is if that cups are collected separately, they can be recycled.

Ginger & White


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