Hampstead High Street and Heath Street Proposed Public Realm Improvements

The Hampstead Village BID and other organisations such as the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum were consulted on proposals to improve bus journey times in Hampstead Village. The feedback was submitted to Camden Council and helped officers form the recommendations in the report approved by the Cabinet Member for Improving Camden’s Environment. The full report with appendices can be viewed online here.

This is to inform you that the following changes will be made:

  • Reconfigure the Hampstead High Street approach to the junction
    Altering the line marking on the Hampstead High Street approach to the junction allows the existing single westbound lane to be converted into two westbound lanes. The new lanes will be marked as one ahead/left turn lane and one dedicated right turn lane which provides the best layout for junction efficiency.
  • Introduction of a new diagonal pedestrian crossing at the junction
    The route between the southern side of Holly Hill and the Tube station is an acknowledged pedestrian desire line that is regularly used by pedestrians aiming to get from the station to the western side of Heath Street. This is being formalised through the introduction of a new pedestrian crossing between the south western corner and the north eastern corner of the junction. All of the existing crossings will also be widened and footways will be extended at Holly Hill to accommodate more pedestrians.
  • Restricting parking and loading along the southern side of Hampstead High Street during peak hours
    By preventing parking and loading between 7-10am and 4-7pm Monday to Saturday along the southern side of Hampstead High Street (adjacent to Greenhill) the carriageway space available along this critical section will be wide enough to allow buses to travel in both directions without having to wait for the other to pass. This will relieve congestion during the busiest part of the day while still providing parking facilities during off peak hours.

NOTE: the Council will not be proceeding with the conversion of the zebra crossing by Oriel Place to a signalised pedestrian crossing.

The Council’s contractor, Volker Highways, will start construction from Monday 18th March 2019, with all works expected to be completed in 4-6 weeks.

The Contractor will endeavour to keep to the programme, weather permitting, but your co-operation is essential in keeping the areas of the works clear of parked vehicles at all times and to adhere to the temporary traffic and pedestrian movements provided by the Contractor, as well as any parking suspensions that may be put into place. The contractor will make sure that access to shops, offices and residential entrances will be retained at all times.

If there are any issues that you or your business encounters please do not hesitate to get in touch with the BID Manager Marcos Gold on marcos@hampsteadvillagelondon.com.

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