Clean Streets and Hampstead Village BID

Since the Hampstead Village Business Improvement District (BID) was formed in 2016 one of the main pillars of our plan was to enhance the public realm. This has happened through a variety of different interventions, but most noticeably through our Clean Streets programme.

The BID commissioned Community Clean to go and fortnightly methodically deep clean around Hampstead Village. In 2018 alone Community Clean carried out 40 shifts over 320 hours at Hampstead, doing the following works:

  • Removing graffiti
  • Grot spot cleaning and sanitising
  • Gum removal and deep cleaning pavements
  • Deep cleaning areas such as underpasses, alleyways, walkways
  • Removal of stickers/zip ties from street furniture

The BID will continue to keep the public realm at Hampstead Village up to the standards both our businesses and residents expect through our commitment to cleaner streets.

If you notice any particular area in Hampstead we should be focusing on please do get in touch with Marcos Gold, BID Manager for Hampstead Village on

Find out more about Community Clean here.

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