BID ‘Safe & Secure’ Report Released

Business Improvement Districts’ have been delivering a wide range of benefits across UK business communities since 2003, however their approach to crime, antisocial behavior and how to address their levy payers’ fear of crime had yet to be documented until the release of this fascinating insight into BIDs’ crime reduction initiatives.

BID ‘Safe & Secure’ Report Released

The BID ‘Safe and Secure’ Report is a comprehensive study that explores how London BIDs are implementing a wide range of safety and security improvements across the capital against a backdrop of policing and local authority austerity driven cuts. It also highlights examples of best practice, the resources available to support BID crime reduction initiatives as well as recognising common factors that hinder success.

The statistical data was obtained via an on-line survey completed by the majority of central, inner and outer London BIDs. Some of the key findings include:

  • 90% of businesses within BIDs rate safety and security amongst their top concerns.
  • 83% of BIDs support regular counter terrorism awareness training sessions.
  • 80% of BIDs increase security vigilance by providing town link radio schemes.
  • 70% share crime intelligence through secure digital platforms.
  • 65% of BIDs have the foundations of a BCRP (Business Crime Reduction Partnership) embedded into their security models.

This objective report critically examines the roles of partnerships across the private and public sector and makes achievable recommendations on how key partners and all stakeholders involved in crime reduction can collaborate to make BIDs safer places to work, visit and invest in.


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