Ballot Update


The Hampstead Village BID was established via a democratic ballot of local businesses in 2016. Its first five year term comes to an end in July of this year and in accordance with legislation the BID executive team has undertaken a Perception Analysis process to gauge interest in the BID continuing for a further five year term.

The impact of the pandemic was reflected in the feedback received in the Perception Analysis, and following consultation with the business community, the Hampstead Village BID Board agreed now is not the right time for the BID to continue. It is felt that adding further overheads to local businesses struggling to recover from the global pandemic is not appropriate at the moment. Based on this decision the business community will not now be balloted and the BID will be wound up by the end of July 2021. Work will now commence to ensure this process is delivered smoothly and in line with the legislation.

The BID board, the initial management team, and since 2019 the Primera-led executive team, have all worked tirelessly to support the local business community. The feedback and engagement of businesses has helped steer the BID, and has ultimately informed this decision too. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the businesses of Hampstead Village for their support over the past five years and want all the best for the area moving forward.


Hampstead Village BID Board


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