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Urban Village
Hampstead Village London NW3


Inspired by traditional japanese ramen bars and asian flavours, wagamama is designed to offer a new kind of dining experience - one that offers fresh japanese-inspired food in a friendly, vibrant setting. today, wagamama is an award-winning series of restaurants spanning 17 countries

the japanese-inspired menu features a wide variety of noodle and rice dishes, as well as delicious salads and side dishes, desserts, freshly squeezed juices, hot drinks, wine, sake and asian beers

freshness and quality are two ingredients that go into every dish. wagamama use the freshest ingredients and prepare every dish to order, so you can look forward to authentic japanese flavours, vibrant colours and tantalising aromas

you can choose from classic ramen (big bowls of noodles in soup), teppan (noodles cooked on a hot, flat griddle) and gyoza (japanese dumplings) as well as other numerous japanese dishes served with rice.