Dinny Hall

British designer Dinny Hall has crafted jewellery for the style astute woman for over three decades, delivering a confident yet quiet luxury that has become a recognised signature style.

Both her inspiration and approach to craftmanship draw on a genuine love for historic tradition and iconic design from both the east and west; drawing from the past, but always conscious of the future.

Did you know Dinny Hall hold’s frequent Engraving events?

Enjoy 15% off all engravable jewellery at Dinny Hall on Saturday 21st March and Saturday 18th April 11am-4pm.

Dinny Hall, your local jeweller are offering you the experience to emboss your jewellery with a meaningful date or to personalise with a hand-drawn design. Dinny Hall offer a variety of personalisation options and a wide selection of jewellery. They can turn your jewellery into an heirloom or a timeless symbol of love. Engraving is free of charge with every purchase on the day.