Dandie Dog Cafe

Our opening hours are:

Tues-Fri 8:30-5pm

Sat & Sun 9:30-5pm

Dandie Dog Cafe – finally a dedicated space where hounds and their humans can eat, hang out and have fun! We love that so many cafes are dog friendly these days, but having occasionally found ourselves on the wrong end of a scornful sigh from less than enthusiastic bipeds, we decided to create Dandie- the cafe that doesn’t just welcome dogs, but ensures they’re at the heart of everything we do. And while dogs take the lead, generally there’s a human holding it. So we’ve designed a menu for both- flavour-packed, nourishing, locally sourced vegetarian human and dog food. And when you try our cakes? Trust us, if you had a tail you’d be wagging it!

As well as a cafe, we have the solution to those times when you’ve slid and slipped around the Heath on the muddiest day and dread dragging it all home. Now you don’t have to! Come to Dandie and bathe your pooch with ease in our specially designed doggie bathroom with a self-serve dog wash. Pooch scared of hairdryers? He’ll be dry in a jiffy thanks to our in-house bathrobes too! We offer weekly Dog & Human Yoga classes, doggie birthday cakes & parties, dog training and fun activities and events! Whatever your reason for stopping by, your dog will be our hero, and we’ll take really good care of you too! Don’t have a dog but love them? Come on over for your puppy fix!