Comptoir des Cotonniers

Since its creation in 1995, Comptoir des Cotonniers has been designing collections that combine modernity with timeless chic.

The silhouette combines natural elegance and avant-garde, the keywords for a creative approach in which everything is designed for women to feel at ease with themselves. In Europe, as well as in Asia and in the United States, customers acclaim Comptoir des Cotonniers as the expression of the French to fashion.

Spicy bourgeoise, Comptoir des Cotonniers women freely play with trends, choosing pieces from the collections they feel comfortable with, fabrics they enjoy, and colors that match their moods. They are free to create their own fashion, their own style. Comptoir des Cotonniers collections enable them to suit their own taste and find just the right balance, combine a feminine item with something of a more masculine feel, or reinterpret a functional piece with a feminine twist. Comptoir des Cotonniers is a sustainable, creative and intelligent alternative to fast fashion.

The name Comptoir is symbolic of exchange, proximity and complicity with customers. Hence the cosy, warm, intimate and luminous atmosphere of the Comptoir boutiques. Comptoir has a genuine and sincere brand commitment to causes that are dear to its heart, such as respect for all humans and for the environment. Responsible and cosmopolitan, Comptoir chooses to collaborate with ethical brands such as Veja or Nu, and supports year after year different humanitarian organizations such as Doctors of the World, Vivre comme Avant or Toutes à l’Ecole or W4 (Women’s Worldwide Web).

Comptoir des Cotonniers democratizes French fashion throughout the world and stimulates exchanges with other cultures by observing and listening to these multi-faceted women. Comptoir cultivates its taste for good fits, clean cuts and quality materials, as well as innovation and experimentation. Everyone has their own personality, everyone has their own style.

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm
Sun: 12am-6pm