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In autumn 2015 Hampstead Village businesses were invited to complete a survey. A study conducted amongst Hampstead Village businesses in 2015 indicated strong support for a Hampstead Village BID and so the formal process of developing the BID was initiated. Previous responses represent the diverse make up of our Village and responses have been received both from national businesses (13%) and independent businesses (87%). 65% of these respondents have operated in the Village for over 5 years.

The priorities for those surveyed were:

  • Marketing
  • Accessibility
  • Events
  • Litter removal and street cleanliness
  • Central procurement of services for business such as recycling and trade waste management

The aim of a BID for Hampstead Village is to improve the area and focus on priority issues that local businesses have told us they want to see addressed. Supporting a BID for Hampstead Village will allow us to engage in partnership working to investigate solutions for issues such as:

  • Lack of resources and funding to promote Hampstead to a wider audience, all year round
  • Inconvenient and over priced car parking
  • Dirty pavements and litter in the area
  • Heavy traffic congestion and HGV access is disruptive to local businesses
  • The small group of volunteers running the promotion and events for Hampstead is not sustainable
  • Lack of ambiance on our High Street

We asked those surveyed “What 3 words would you use if you had to describe to someone what is special about Hampstead Village?”. This is what the response looks like:

Hampstead Village BID

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