Hampstead Village Business Improvement District

Our Business Improvement District (BID) was established in September 2016. It will invest £1.2 million in positive projects in our area over the next 5 years to benefit local businesses and enhance the general trading environment.

We want to preserve and develop Hampstead Village’s appeal for residents and visitors. The objective is to drive footfall to our businesses and to sustain the Village’s unique atmosphere.

The BID’s activities are delivered through a not-for-profit company directed by a Board of local business owners and managers, to which our BID Manager is accountable. Our Business Plan outlines our key project themes and our agenda is set according to local business priorities. You can also find more information on our projects below or in our Overview and Expenditures document which is updated annually.

Projects and Improvements

Parking, Environment and Public Realm

Floral Displays
The BID provides over 85 floral hanging baskets across the BID area each year to enhance the appearance of the village. The floral baskets are put up in May and stay up until late September. The BID is looking to also install winter baskets to ensure our village is looking great all year round.

Community Cleaning
The BID manages regular additional cleaning, above and beyond the statutory duties of local authorities, including deep cleaning of pavements within the BID area and removing chewing gum as well as graffiti removal. From March 2018 – April 2019 the Community Clean team has done over 170 hours of cleaning, removed approximately 15,000 pieces of gum, cleared up graffiti, cleaned street signs, and much more.

Christmas Lights
Hampstead Village’s Christmas lighting is provided by the BID and each year we upgrade and expand the scheme to illuminate new areas. We cover all installation and maintenance costs to ensure that the village looks magical during the festive season.

Public Realm Improvements

The BID has also supported public realm enhancements such as the addition of the diagonal crossing at the junction of Heath Street and High Street. We also continue to comment and are consulted on any projects by Camden Council or TfL.

Greening Projects
The Hampstead Village BID will be conducting a Green Audit to determine where green infrastructure initiatives can be actioned within Hampstead. These projects will be prioritised based on their impact on improving air quality, aesthetic, scalability, and mobility. Project funding for each of these interventions will be external from the BID.

Events and Marketing

Christmas Festival
The BID puts on Hampstead’s Christmas Festival. This is an opportunity for residents and guests to come to together to celebrate the festive season. This will be the third year the BID has put on the festival and it promises to be even better than previous years. The festival has garnered popularity not just in Hampstead but across London you can view previous articles in the Evening Standard and Ham & High.

Hampstead Summer Festival
As well as delivering our own events, the BID supports the Hampstead Summer Festival in the village with sponsorship which is used to promote the village. The Summer Festival is an annual event which highlights the various business offers, activities, and events over the summer period.

A wide range of marketing initiatives are used to promote Hampstead Village as a destination.  The BID is also active on social media to promote our members within the BID area and you can follow us and engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We like to connect with local businesses face-to-face, but we also use a range of media to keep BID members and associated parties as well as the press up to date with our activities. We send a monthly newsletter to our BID members and regular consumer newsletter to local residents and visitors to Hampstead. To subscribe and keep updated on the latest BID projects, services and events, please enter your details in the signup form on our homepage or contact: marcos@hampsteadvillagelondon.com.

Easter Egg Displays
Each year the Hampstead Village BID works in collaboration with the Hampstead School of Art to commission four large artistic Egg installations across the village. The installations are produced by art students and each takes on a different approach to what an Easter Egg is.

Business Support

First Mile
Hampstead Village BID has partnered with leading recycling company First Mile to boost local recycling rates and offer discounted recycling services to local businesses. BID members can receive 20% off recycling services with First Mile when they sign up. If your business already uses First Mile, the 20% discount will be applied from today! Click here for more information.

Village Ambassador
Hampstead Village BID recently commenced a three-month trial partnership with The Welcome People to appoint a Village Ambassador for Hampstead. The Village Ambassador will be a friendly face for all those who visit Hampstead Village. Ambassadors have extensive experience of customer service and hospitality in other London areas will be a knowledgeable and friendly on-street presence in the Village, able to assist visitors who are looking for a business or specific area and will also be able to recommend new and exciting places to explore.

Collaboration and Lobbying
We understand Hampstead is a thriving and bustling community for workers and managers. That is why the BID is always working with the various resident and cultural groups in order to provide a clear voice for Hampstead at all levels. This includes lobbying on behalf of businesses to Camden Council, City Hall, and central Government.

Discounted Van Hire
Hampstead Village BID members who sign up and mention the BID will get a discount to use Zipcar services. Join and get £30 driving credit as well as exclusive business benefits: 3,000 cars & vans across London parked near your home or office, on-demand access 24/7, save money with up to 29% off driving rates, add unlimited drivers to your account, fuel, insurance, Congestion Charge incl., and dedicated business support team.

Savings and Advisory Service
The BID will be launching a new Savings and Advisory Service for BID members. This will be offered in partnership with Full Utilities. With Full Utilities expertise, the service provided across a whole range of core costs including electricity, gas, water, merchant card services and insurance policies. Many BID members may even be able to recoup the full cost of their BID levy by using this service. There is no fee or obligation to sign up – so why not see if we can help you to save money in your business? Download the Savings and Advisory Service Brochure to find out more or contact: marcos@hampsteadvillagelondon.com.

Savings Brochure

Reducing Business Rates
The Hampstead Village BID helps with issues such as business rates challenges. So far our efforts have resulted in reducing valuations by the Valuations Office Agency for at least 45 BID businesses, saving them over £2 million in business rates over our BID term. We are always willing to have a conversation with our businesses to reduce their costs.

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Discounted or Free Training
Hampstead Village BID is providing a series of free and heavily subsidised training courses for employees of BID businesses to undertake. The BID provides discounted training which businesses are required to undertake by law such as first aid, fire marshal, and food safety. We also provide training on topics such as social media for businesses who are interested to learn more. If you want to set up a training session please email marcos@hampsteadvillagelondon.com

Sustainability Initiative

Hampstead Village BID has partnered with Too Good To Go, the world’s largest B2C marketplace for surplus food, which is a mobile app that helps businesses fight food waste – partnering with businesses to sell any unsold food at the end of the day.


Coffee Cup Recycling Scheme

In partnership with Camden Climate Change Alliance, Veolia, Hubbub the Hampstead Village BID has launched this scheme to provide businesses an opportunity to tackle coffee cup waste.

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